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2019 Playoff Golf Fantasy Draft Information

PGA Players and Tournaments

This Playoff Golf events runs August 8th thru August 25th.

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The Playoff Golf Fantasy draft entry deadline is
Midnight PST, Wednesday August 7th, 2019

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Player Selections

You select a team of 16 professional golfers from the list of 80 players provided.
You receive points players on your team score in
3 PGA tournaments played August 8th thru August 25th.

Point Scoring System

Finishing position for each of the four tournaments played;

Tie breakers for player position points:

  1. Lowest 4th round
  2. Lowest 3rd round
  3. Lowest 2nd round
  4. Lowest 1st round
These tiebreakers make it so only 1 player will finish in each position 2nd-40th place in each tournament.
These tiebreakers have been used for every golf fantasy draft

Example: If there is a 3 way tie for 2nd place and the 3 players scores were:
In order 1st round thru the 4th round and total. Mickelson finishes in 2nd place as his 67 in the 4th round is lower than Spieth's 68, and his 70 in the 3rd round is lower than McILroy's 72.
McIlroy finishes in 3rd place as his 67 in the 4th round is lower than Spieth's 68.
Then Spieth finishes in 4th place as Mickelson and McIlroy finished better using the tiebreakers as stated above.

Tournaments for the Playoffs Draft

PGA Tour Events: The Playoff Golf events run August 8th thru August 25th.

$2,000 grand prize for the contestant with the most points for the fantasy draft.
In addition the following monthly prizes are provided:

Playoff Prizes Tie Breakers

Most points Group 1, the Group 2 and so on until tie is broken.
If a tie still remains the most point by week, applied in the following order:
  1. Week 3
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 1
In the event a tie still remains, prizes for those places will be added together and divided equally.
Example: A tie for first and second places would be $2,000 and $500 divided equally at $1250 each.

Weekly Cash Prize $100

The contestant whose team scores the most points each week will be awarded $100.
Most points Group 1, the Group 2 and so on until tie is broken.


All contestants will receive a report listing your team score and ranking and a list of the winners and their scores. These reports and prizes will be mailed by September 1st.
When entering the a Golf Fantasy Draft you are automatically entered, at no additional entry fee, into 3 annual championships.

The Golf Annual Championship with $15,000 in Prizes.
The 1st Entry Only Annual Championship with $5,000 in Prizes. (the first entry you submit)
The 2019 All Drafts Annual Championship with $30,000 in Prizes.

Entry Fee

Enter once for $20, each additional entry only $10.
Click here to use the online entry form.

The multiple entry discount is per contestant, not per address.

WE accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER   [Visa Card]    [Master Card]    [Discover Card] Revised 07/17/2019


Fantasy Golf drafts provided by Sports Fanatics Player Drafts since 1995. Our fantasy golf drafts are very special on a personal note as I was a long time PGA golf club professional. The Fantasy golf drafts were added to our sports drafts in 1995. Fantasy golf drafts I hope help improve all contestants knowledge of the PGA tour members. I myself know that my golf game on most occassions was just that fantasy golf, as I am still overwhelmed by the talent of the tour players of today and the legends of the game. Our monthly fantasy golf drafts offer great prizes each month, February thru August, as well as our fantasy golf annual championship with another $15,000 in prizes. Each month's fantasy golf lists 80 PGA tour players and the real golf tournament events for the month. Being a modest at best golf professional myself, I wanted to offer all golf fans an opportunity to dream about their games by teaming with real golf pros, as I often fantasize about my own ability. Our fantasy golf drafts help provide that opportunity for all contestants. The Fantasy golf drafts are easy to play and provide a fun challenge each week and each month during the fantasy golf season. The scoring system for our fantasy golf drafts came from the knowledge I gained from my years of golf and the golf professionals I met over the years. We break all ties for position points by using the last round first, then backwards thru rounds 3, 2 and 1. I have often felt that the start of a tour event is important but that the pressure is really on during the 4th round as the players then know where they stand in position of potential prize monies. This I included in our fantasy drafts as I felt the contestants would appreciate the last round having more importance in our fantasy golf drafts as most of the contestants can watch the final round of each tournament. The scoring we use for the fantasy golf events also put more emphasis on the later rounds for the tiebreakers as well. Our fantasy golf drafts we list on the web site the real golf player points earned each week, as well as our fantasy golf contestants points earned and the contestant standings first thru last place. We also list all of our fantasy golf contestants player selections on a seperate page for each fantasy golf draft. By listing all the fantasy golf contestant's player selections in each fantasy golf draft in rank order this provides our contestant a better way to follow the standings each week. We provide the player point lists and the fantasy golf contestant standings each week on Monday morning after each tour event is concluded, or within hours after a rain delayed event. All of our prizes for each months fantasy golf draft are mailed out within three days of the completion of that month's tournaments.