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2019 Baseball Teams Season Fantasy Draft Information

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The online entry deadline is 9am PST Thursday March 28th
Any entries posted after 9am PST Thursday March 28th will not be accepted.

Team points will be posted online daily
Standings will be posted on the web site beginning April 10th then daily thereafter.
All contestant's 16 team selections are listed, showing you what teams the contestants
in front of you and behind you have selected, will be updated daily in rank order.

It is past the deadline for entering this contest.
The Baseball Drafts and Baseball Annual Championship have 625 total prizes.
Last year we had 427 total contestants, that's better than 1 out of every 1 contestants won a prize!

Cash Prizes

$2,000 for 1st place, and 50 total prizes!

Prizes are awarded for the most points accumulated for March 20th and 21st and the regular season games March 28th thru the end of the regular season.
(Play in games and the playoffs and world series are not included in the fantasy draft.

OUR PRIZES ARE GUARANTEED and are NOT based on number of entries received.

When entering a Baseball Fantasy Draft you are automatically entered at no additional entry fee into the 3 annual championships listed below.
The All Drafts Annual Championship with $30,000 in prizes,
the 1st Entry Only Annual Championship with $5,000 in prizes,
and the Baseball Annual Championship with $20,000 in prizes
for a total in the three Annual Championships of $45,00 in prizes.

Points for the Baseball Teams Seasonal Fantasy Draft are awarded after June 30th and the end of the regular season
for the 1st Entry Only Annual Championship, the Baseball Annual Championship, and the All Drafts Annual Championship

Team Selections

Select one team from each of the 16 groups. This will be your entry of 16 team selections you hold for the regular season.
You receive points your teams score during the year as defined below.

Note: You may select a team more than once.
(Example: You could select Boston in group 1, then again in group 7, and again in group 11 if you wish)

There are no trades in this draft.
Any play in games for the playoffs are not included.

Point Scoring System

Tie Breakers

Ties for any prizes will be broken by applying tie breakers in the following order:

  1. Most points in group one, then group two and so on thru group 16.
  2. In the event a tie still remains, then the prizes will be added together for those places and divided equally.


All contestants will receive a report listing your entry's score and ranking and a list of the winners and their scores.
These reports and prizes will be mailed on October 8th.

Entry Fee

Each entry is $20.

It is past the deadline for entering this contest.

If you would like us to mail you entry forms for our upcoming fantasy draft contests, please fill out and submit the mail list request form.

WE accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER  [Visa Card]    [Master Card]    [Discover Card] Revised 03/16/2019

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Fantasy Baseball drafts have been provided by Sports Fanatics Player Drafts since 1993. Our fantasy baseball drafts offer guaranteed prizes, and are not based on entries received. The fantasy baseball drafts we offer on a monthly basis are; fantasy baseball for April, Fantasy Baseball for May, Fantasy Baseball for June, Fantasy Baseball for July, Fantasy Baseball for August, Fantasy Baseball for September, Fantasy Baseball Post Season Challenge and Fantasy Baseball Playoffs and World Series. Each fantasy baseball draft may be entered online via the online entry form, or by email, fax, mail or phoned in. All the fantasy baseball drafts also have online weekly standings and points lists, and all contestant's player selections listed in rank order first to last place each week to help each contestant in following the standings with knowing who each contestant has selected for their team. Our fantasy baseball entry forms are posted on the web site about two weeks prior to each entry deadline and are also mailed out to all of our current contestants. All of our sports draft entry deadlines are strictly enforced to protect the integrity of our fantasy drafts and you the contestants. All prizes and final updates are mailed to each contestant at no additional charge, and all prizes are mailed within 5 days of the conclusion of each fantasy draft. Each fantasy baseball draft has its own prizes and unique player selection list. Again, our fantasy baseball drafts offer guaranteed prizes, and are not based on the number of entries received like many other fantasy sports companies. We also include all contestants that enter any of the fantasy baseball drafts in the Fantasy Baseball Annual Championship with an additional $20,000 in prizes and the All Drafts Annual Championship with another additional $30,000 in prizes, and the 1st Entry Only Annual Championship with an additional $5,000 in prizes. Thus each fantasy baseball draft you enter you are automatically included in the three annual championships with a total prize value of $55,000, at no additional entry fee. We also offer our current and past fantasy sports drafts contestants special discounts and special offers.  We truly feel that you the contestants are most important entity of our fantasy drafts and our goal is to try to please as many contestants as possible so that we can provide you the best fantasy sports drafts available anywhere, with the best prizes and best odds of winning a prize, as the fastest payouts.