August PGA Fantasy Draft Entry Form

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2017 Golf Playoffs Fantasy Draft Entry Form

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The online entry deadline is midnight PST, Wednesday August 23rd, 2017
Any entries posted after midnight PST Wednesday August 23rd will not be accepted.
Mailed entries must be postmarked by Wednesday August 23rd.

It is past the deadline for entering the August 24h thru September 24th. contest.

Form Instructions

Multiple Entries

If you submit the multiple entries, each is acknowledged with a message. Additional entries are made by making the desired changes to player selections and resubmitting.

Previous Contestants

If you know your contestant ID from a previous report, enter it in the ID boxes.

If you have a change of address, please check the change of address box and enter the new address information. In this instance your contestant ID number would be helpful.

Email Address

The Email address is optional. However, if you provide an Email address we will use it to acknowledge receipt of your entry and your payment. We may also use it to inform you of any future contests. You will always get our regular mailing for this contest via the US postal service.

Entry Errors

We do some immediate validation of the information on the submitted form. If we find a problem, a message will be presented defining the problem. If this occurs, you can then make any required changes in the form below the message validate and submit.

Entry Fee

The first entry is $20, each additional entry only $10 each.
The multiple entry discount is per contestant, not per address.

If you are paying with a gift certificate, you must still enter the proper entry fee and then you MUST mail in the gift certificate.

We have a secure server. If you are using an SSL secure browser (MicroSoft's Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape's Navigator 2.0 and later) you can send us your credit card info via this entry form. If you are not using a secure browser, we do not encourage contestants to send credit card info via this entry form. We therefore provide several alternate methods of paying the entry fee. Please check the method you prefer. We can honor only VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit cards.

If you do not provide a credit number with your entry please include your ID number if you have one as it will help us associate your payment with your entry. We request that you pay for your entry within two days of submitting it. You will not be officially entered into the fantasy draft until we receive your credit card number, check or money order.

When entering the a Golf Fantasy Draft you are automatically entered, at no additional entry fee, into 3 championships.

The Golf Annual Championship with $15,000 in Prizes.
The 1st Entry Only Annual Championship with $5,000 in Prizes. (the first entry you submit)
The 2015 All Drafts Annual Championship with $30,000 in Prizes.

It is past the deadline for entering the August 24h thru September 24th. contest.

WE accept VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER   [Visa Card]    [Master Card]    [Discover Card] -- Revised: 08/18/2015

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